IRS Protection Audit Services

Allday Consulting Group conducts a comprehensive review of our clients’ business and individual tax returns to reduce the risk of audit; though, there is still a chance that a return could be selected for audit. The IRS uses several methods to select a return for audit, and many are selected randomly by a computer screening process that marks returns for audit
“solely on a statistical formula”, that may change year to year.

When we prepare your tax returns, you will have the option of acquiring audit protection for a small premium. With the IRS Audit Protection Coverage, you will never have to fear the IRS again,as we will represent you and/or your business through the audit process, at NO
ADDITIONAL COST. If you receive one of those dreadful IRS audit notices, you can be sure we will be there with you right from Day One.This service is invaluable, especially when you consider that a tax professional’s fees can range from $200-$300 per hour, and an audit can take months, sometimes years, to be resolved.

The following services are included with Audit Protection Coverage:

  • Reviewing and replying to correspondence from the IRS and state of Louisiana.
  • Meetings to review correspondence and address important issues, gather
    documentation to substantiate the items reported on the tax return and to review if additional documentation is necessary.
  • Follow-up meetings with client to further review documentation.
  • Meetings with client to formulate strategies for approaching the audit.
  • Representation of client at meeting(s) with the Internal Revenue Service and the State
    of Louisiana.
  • Reviewing adjustments proposed by the IRS and the State of Louisiana.
  • Meetings with managers of persons conducting the audit, if necessary
  • MeetNegotiating settlements of taxes due or amounts to be refunded.
  • Challenging the adjustments made by the auditor if they are not satisfactory to the highest level of administrative appeal without having to go to court.

-Audit Protection pricing varies, depending on the return covered and is specific to thatyear.Some returns may not be eligible for coverage.Audit protection representation does notcover tax issues related to the “Affordable Care Act”, payroll, excise or sales tax relatedissues. For a complete listing of coverage, please contact us.