QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro/Premier Conversions

Converting Enterprise Files to QuickBooks Pro/Premier Format

What is QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro/Premier Conversions? If the benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise are no longer needed within your organization, we have developed a service to revert your QuickBooks Enterprise file to Pro/Premier Format. This can be a substantial cost-saving measure over the yearly licensing fees for Enterprise if QuickBooks Pro conforms to your business needs. This process can usually be performed overnight, Call us to book an appointment.

What files can be converted? 

All QuickBooks Enterprise files Version 7.0 and beyond (2007 – present) can be converted to the same year or newer version of QuickBooks Pro/Premier.
Older versions of QuickBooks Enterprise (2.0 – 6.0) can be converted to Pro/Premier format as long as you are upgrading to a version of QuickBooks Pro/Premier that is 2007 or newer.

Pricing for QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro/Premier Conversions

  • $590 for 1st file
  • $500 for each additional file

For questions regarding this service, please feel free to contact us at 800-259-4213.