Our Tax organizer is designed to help maximize your deductions and minimze your problems in preparing and filing your tax return. The organizer is developed to assisst you in collecting relevent tax information needed to properly prepare your tax return.

FAQTs – Frequently Asked Questions About Taxes

1099-NEC Filing Requirements
401(k) Withdrawals
ABLE Accounts
Advance Payments of the Child Tax Credit
Alternative Minimum Tax
American Rescue Plan Act Newsletter
Business entity choice
Cancellation of Debt
Checklist for hiring your minor child
Crowdfunding Tax Implications
Dependent care options
Do You Owe the IRS?
Driving for Uber & Lyft
Electric Vehicle Credits
Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit
Fantasy Sports
Giving your IRA to Charity
Health Reimbursement Arrangements
Home office basics
Home Office Deduction Form 8829 Expenses

Household Employer Checklist
How Your Tax Return Affects Medicare Premiums
HSA basics
Identity Theft
Independent contractor vs. employee
Inherited IRA Choices
IRS Accounts & ID.Me
Opportunity Zone Investments
Paycheck Protection Program
Paying Your Taxes Online – IRS Direct Pay
Planning for the .9% Earned Income Surtax
Planning for the 3.8% Investment Surtax
Qualified Business Income (QBI) Deduction
Record Retention
Required Minimum Distributions
Residential Clean Energy Credit
Roth Conversions
Roth IRAs for Children
Saving for college options
Smartphone apps for tax recordkeeping
Solo 401(k) Plans
Stimulus Payments (all 3 rounds)
Tax benefits of having kids
Tax Consequences of Getting Married
Tax implications of divorce
Tax Scams FAQ
Withholding and Form W4

Taking Advantage of Your Tax Deductions

Clean Sweep Letter
Contribution Finder
Household Inventory for Casualty Losses
Medical Expense Checklist
Medical Expense Deductions
Noncash Contributions
Tax Deduction Finder
Tax Deduction Finder – For States Without Income Tax
Tax Tips for Graduates
Vehicle Donations
Volunteer Expense Trifold
Volunteer opportunities for families
Year-end Tax Tips
Year-round Tax-Saving Tips

Getting Ready for the Upcoming Tax Season

Foreign Asset Worksheet
Tax Organizer in MS Word Format
Tax Organizer in PDF Format
Tax Essentials Newsletter

Tax Time Basics Organizer
Year-End Tax Newsletter
Year-end 1040 checklist
Yearly Accounting Activity in Excel

Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (the new tax laws)

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Newsletter

Tax Information About the Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act Fact Sheet
Health Insurance Marketplace Fact Sheet
How the Affordable Care Act Affects You
Obamacare and You

Tax Information for Business Owners

Accountable Plan Worksheet
Auto Expense Checkbook Keeper
Auto Record Mileage Trifold
Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting
Business Expense Checkbook Keeper
Business I&E Worksheet
Business losses
Business Mileage Worksheet
Business Recordkeeping Basics
Business Travel
Cost of Goods Sold
Health Reimbursement Arrangements

Individual Payroll (Horizontal)
Mileage Log

New Business Guide (sole proprietor)
New Corporation Guide
New LLC Guide
Partnership Year-end Checklist
Product Inventory Worksheet for Tax Recordkeeping
Profit Loss Small Business Including Home Office

Recordkeeping for Business Mileage
Schedule A Itemized Deductions & Other Personal Expenses

Schedule C Year-End Checklist
Schedule E Passive Income From Rental Property

Small Corporation Year-End Checklist
Year-End Business Letter
Year-End Corporation Letter
Year-end Business Compiler

105-HRA Plan Reimbursement Request
Cash Reimbursement for Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits
Employee’s Compensation Reduction Election for Transportation Fringe Benefits
Employee Expense Report 2018-2025
Employee Expense Report Before 2018
Employee Vehicle Reimbursement
ICHRA HRA Reimbursement Request
S-Corp Home Office Reimbursement Request
Small Business HRA Reimbursement Request
Tax Diary System (Post-TCJA)
Tax Diary System (Pre-TCJA)

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