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Software Support

If you use Sage 50 Peachtree or Intuit QuickBooks and need technical support, we can help.

Reseller pricing

If you are an IT, CPA, Bookkeeper or Tax Preparer you can buy software direct with our Reseller Program

Training Sessions

Learn from our experts with personalized one-on-one training for Sage 50 Peachtree or Intuit QuickBooks.

Certified Public Accountants, Business & Tax Consultants

We are a technology-driven, one-stop shop for small businesses. Our firm provides and has been providing accounting, tax, and business advisory services for small businesses since 1981.

Our professional staff are all USA-based. We do not outsource our work to overseas companies.

Member: National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) and National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), QuickBooks Certified Professional Advisors, Sage 50 Peachtree Diamond Level Certified Consultants



Tax Planning & Preparation

Today, more than ever, providing the highest quality tax services requires a comprehensive working knowledge of current tax law as well as the practical application of such laws.

Accounting Services

Having a good accounting system is absolutely necessary for a business to become successful. The accounting system provides crucial financial reports about business operations and profitability. Without a good accounting system, a business is operating in the dark.

Services for New Business Startups

Do you need financial assistance and professional guidance, but your business does not have the funds to support it? Well, believe it or not, your business may qualify for FREE financial assistance and FREE professional guidance.

Fringe Benefits Consulting

At the Allday Consulting Group, our Financial Advisors can help reduce the burden of rising health insurance costs and the cost of day care, by having Uncle Sam pick up part of the cost. We can help your employees reduce the cost of daycare by having Uncle Sam pick up part of the cost.

Payroll Services

Payroll preparation and the related reporting process are among the most difficult administrative duties facing small businesses. Federal and state income tax withholding rates constantly change.

Accounting Software

We are a Certified Public Accounting firm, specializing in Sage 50 Peachtree Accounting online and telephone support and training for Sage 50 Peachtree users. Our support specialists are “Sage 50 Peachtree Certified” technicians.

Thinking of owning your own business?

Opening your own business is exciting and thrilling. It's everything that comes after that dictates whether a small business will make it or not.

What Our Client Say

  • Client Image

    “AlldayCPA Group employs savvy accountants and runs a well-oiled business consulting practice. I’ve been in business for several years, and worked with a few different CPAs, but after meeting with AlldayCPA Group, I quickly received practical tips on what I needed to do to lower my tax liability, and even received a proposal for them to take care of that for me. Danny has plenty of experience in the business world, from your basic bookkeeping and payroll, to more advanced concepts such as commercial real estate. He’s more than a CPA, he’s a true business advisor. I refer all of my account work to Danny, and my clients have even been happy with his work as well.”

    • ~Andrew L.
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    "I was introduced to Allday Consulting Group in early 2012 when I sought consulting for the conversion of our accounting system from Quicken to QuickBooks.   Danny setup the QuickBooks system and provided training in its use for our custom home-building business. When we met Danny, we were using Quicken for cost accounting but weren’t able to track costs against budgets or relate costs to revenue. Danny converted our Quicken accounting system to QuickBooks and showed us how to use QuickBooks to do true job costs accounting, recognizing project revenue in synchrony with costs. With Danny’s expertise and guidance, we’re now able to track job costs against budgets and produce accurate accrual-based financial statements. While all of this capability exists within QuickBooks, it was not obvious how to apply it. Danny showed us the way. I’d highly recommend Danny to anyone needing assistance in determining how best to apply QuickBooks to their particular needs.   Actually, I’d highly recommend Danny to anyone needing an accountant. We’ve since hired Allday Consulting Group as our accountant for corporate and personal accounts, and I couldn’t be happier with the relationship. Danny looks after us as if he were our in-house accountant. I know that sounds like a bit of an exaggeration, but I can’t tell the difference. Danny is there for us when we need him, and he’s fully informed in both the law and our accounting whenever we talk. "

    • ~Joe G., Guidry Custom Homes, Inc
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    “Thank you for all of your efforts and everything you have done for us since we made initial contact in 2018. I sure do wish I could drum up more business for your organization. You are dependable, knowledgeable and just plain easy to work with. You deserve great success... We are looking forward to a continued mutually beneficial relationship with Allday and TSMC.”

    • ~Laura L.
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    “I’ve had the opportunity to hire AlldayCPA Group as my Accountant in 2011 for my organization. They are very competent, personable and creative at what they do. They can take you to another level because they take a vast interest in the vision of your organization.”

    • ~Linda M.
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    “I wanted to let you all know that Todd your consultant from New Mexico that you put me in contact is so very good at his job and I am so grateful for him. He clearly has a ton of knowledge and he explains things in a manner that I can understand and he nice and just such a huge help to me”

    • ~Katie B.
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    “I just want to express my extreme satisfaction with the experience I had over the last two days interacting with your company. We had a problem rolling Peachtree 8 over to 2015 and none of the normal tricks work. I found you guys after searching the Internet for a solution to the problem I was having. I dreaded making the phone call, expecting it to be Sage telling me they no longer is support for Peachtree 8 and wading through a massive call center at the worst time of the year. To my surprise a real person answered the phone within two rings, she quickly understood my problem, contacted technicians to determine that they could help me with the problem and said I would get a call shortly from a technician. I was contacted by Agnes Williams and we very quickly enabled the remote interface and tried a number of the things that I had tried to no avail. Rather than spend a lot of the time on the phone, which in the short term would have been better for your bottom line, he indicated that these were the quick things they normally try but then provided me with the next things to try. I went away and did these time consuming steps, again to no avail, and emailed my results to Agnes at about 5:30 pm Pacific Time. I was blown away when I got a response just after 6pm my time indicating that the best would be to move it on to the corrupt file technicians and that he would be available to talk at 7:30 in the morning central time. We talked the next morning first thing and it was apparent Agnes put in extra effort to try to solve the problem, and thought he had solved it, in an attempt to get this done for me quickly. After having to move it on, he again made an extra effort to get the corruption technician to take a look at it right away, understanding we were in a dire situation. I run a rapidly growing LED lighting company that prides itself on our interactions with our customers. I sincerely appreciate companies that do the same. Agnes’ investment in our issue and doing what was right for us, including trying to make it the most cost effective, turned a very stressful situation into a situation we could move on from quickly. Please accept a sincere thank you. ”

    • ~Keith M.
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    " Mr. Dan, you sure are " The Man " Thank you very much for "Me Pay No Taxes," I am curious as to why or how? You sure work a lot, I know when I grow up, I don't want to work like you. All kidding aside, so, so, so glad we got you back on board. I am not saying that because "Me Pay No Tax," your work ethic, your knowledge, and professionalism are matched. "

    • ~Kent B.
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    "This course was very easy to follow....the instructor had a great personality"

    • ~Deedra S., Collaborative Resources
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    "This course was excellent"

    • ~Lisa T., Tillery Construction Company

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