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Clients use websites to validate your services and poor design could be doing you a disservice.

A website brings in new clients when it is conceptualized, written, designed and promoted as a marketing tool. The Allday Consulting Group can help you develop a website and online marketing strategy that actually reaches your desired potential clients and encourages them to call or interact further with your firm.

We have analyzed the internet’s most successful websites and incorporated the best features into our services. Our websites capitalize on proven results and relationship building concepts.

Design is about the clear and concise communication of ideas. Your image and your message to customers should be communicated within seconds. Our clean and corporate design style is based on proven marketing principles and smart business practices.

Professionals in many industries are coming to recognize that a well constructed website is necessary in establishing one’s name, reputation and services. Your website is more than a brochure or ad. It can enhance your services, facilitate communication, and strengthen relationships. Many businesses agree that pre-qualifying clients and answering repetitive questions through their website saves them time and money. `

Website Programming

The Allday Consulting Group provides high-quality, industry-standard programming services for languages used in the development of websites — from database integration and dynamic pages created on-the-fly to simple forms that gather and email information.

Our programming is consistent, scalable, reliable, and fast. Dynamic database driven websites are now feasible for every attorney. Your programming needs are in good hands with our skilled staff.

Website Features

A website has many components and features that serve different purposes. This section will outline the basic components of a website and explain the role they could play in your website.
Home Page
The home page is the launching pad for the entire website. A successful home page highlights the important features and clearly communicates the firms' competitive advantage and mission statement. Our designers collaboratively work out an ideal design that incorporates your pre-existing marketing materials to create a cohesive image for your firm.

Firm Overview
Firm overview allows clients to better understand and relate to your firm by providing a sense of corporate identity. It also helps to put a human face to the organization. Graduates look to your website to identify and match firms for their career. Give them a good reason to call!

Your profile is your chance to express your companies' advantages and corporate culture. A clear and concise message is necessary here.

Clients & Testimonials
Potential clients can relate to testimonials because it gives them an idea of what to expect from your firm. Your past clients are your references and help to build trust in your services. A client list can be impressive, but not necessary.

Directions and contact information for your office locations is critical. Links to your various offices are always accessible to make it simple and easy for them to contact you. A map to your firm’s locations can also be implemented here.

Company Directory
A directory of the people in your organization is useful for clients and staff. It will contain basic contact information for everyone and can be made so that each person can update their own information. This will enable each person to contribute to the success of the site.

Recruiting & Jobs
Human resources information and job postings are available for the best and brightest. Staff can update and post listings themselves with a simple login and password.

Staff Members
A simple layout that quickly presents your staff is crucial — staff members should be listed by practice, location and search results. The biography page should give the potential client a sense of who they are and their abilities. The more biographical information you provide, the more comfortable your prospective clients feel about you. When prospects know what you look like, they feel more at ease. Not that it matters what you look like, because it doesn't. Prospects just feel more comfortable when they know.

This section will have a collection of tools to improve the site’s general usefulness. Articles and newsletters can be invaluable in communicating ideas and educating clients. They spell out important 'need-to-know' information, drive website traffic, and highlight your expertise throughout the website. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) will cover your client’s basic, repetitive questions and save you time and money. A links section will help increase traffic through exchanges while offering handy resources to existing visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions
Basic, repetitive questions need to be answered on a routine basis and a simple application can help staff add new questions and answers as needed. Clients can refer to the FAQ’s at any time, day or night, and find the answers to their basic questions. FAQ’s can be linked to department pages providing timely and quick answers to important questions:

Seminars & Events Calendar
This section will chronologically outline events of interest to the firms and visitors. These events could include seminars, annual general meetings, deadlines etc. It is recommended as a familiar and intuitive means for sharing dates with visitors.

Clients are looking for a sense of what your firm is about so it is important to express this throughout all your marketing materials. A links page can list websites that are of importance to either the company or the client. It is a useful way to share ideas, and suggest other resources to help a client. Having a high link popularity on your website can also be an advantage. Search engines usually rank a website with higher points when it contains heavy link popularity.

If you are a business looking for a new web site or redesign of an existing web site, contact the Allday Consulting Group’s Internet Business Development Department for a free website consultation.

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