Features Designed for Your Entire Law Office

CosmoLex is built for one purpose only � to simplify Legal Practice Management by giving lawyers a single application, single sign-on, total solution that can run your entire practice. Their complete Law Practice Management Software takes care of Timekeeping, Billing (including LEDES98B Electronic Billing), Business Accounting, Trust (IOLTA) Accounting, Email, Calendaring, Task & Document Management � all in one web-based system that is easily accessible from any computer, tablet, or even your mobile phone. Whether you�re a solo attorney or small law firm, CosmoLex puts an end to time wasted by trying to work in multiple programs.

Legal Time & Billing

CosmoLex captures all time and all expenses in the moment � as soon as they occur. Nothing slips through the cracks.

When it comes time to send the bills, all time and expenses from the current period have already been added to the invoices. Your bills go out one time � with a single click. And you reap the rewards of better cash flow, higher profits.

Law Office Accounting

CosmoLex has built-in accounting � right alongside practice management and billing where it belongs. No 3rd party accounting software required for business or trust (IOLTA) Accounting.

Built-in accounting saves not only time, it eliminates all the common sources of error that comes from keeping your books on a separate system.

Law Practice Management

CosmoLex keeps all aspects of each matter together in one place: billing, costs, payments, trust transactions, emails, documents, workflow, meetings, and more�

And that makes all the difference when you need a detailed compliance paper trail, airtight tracking for accurate billing and accounting, or quick answers to client questions.

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